Dr. Shawn Bhimani

Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management
at Northeastern University’s D’Amore-McKim School of Business.

Dr. Bhimani’s research and teaching are at the intersection of supply chain labor risk and social responsibility. He uses quantitative and qualitative research to help companies, governments, and NGOs combat forced labor in global supply chains.

He has extensive teaching experience in supply chain and operations management at top- tier universities for Ph.D., MBA and undergraduate courses on the subjects of operations and supply chain fundamentals, sustainability, ethics, statistics and optimization, in addition to improving corporate social responsibilities programs internationally.

Prior to returning to academia, Dr. Bhimani held multiple positions in the global supply chain division of a leading Fortune-10 company, most notably as a former international supply chain contract negotiator. He has worked, researched, volunteered, and taught in North America, Europe, Africa, and East Asia. He engages with global companies to implement best practices for identifying, mitigating, and remediating forced labor risk.


Making Real-World Impact.

Driving Change for a World Without
Forced Labor.

Research with companies, governments, and non-profits to cause real-world impact.

Dr. Bhimani’s research projects include:
A grant-funded project for the National Science Foundation (NSF) to study forced labor in the U.S. agricultural sector (2020 – 2023)
-A grant-funded project with WJC-NY to analyze cases of forced labor in supply chains
-A qualitative study on the uses of technology in corporate supply chain visibility (2021)
-An econometric study of historic supply chain vulnerabilities (2019)
-A quantitative analysis of preventing or curing forced labour in corporate supply chains (2019)
-A methodological framework for understanding vulnerability in hidden supply chains (Published by the British Library in 2019 Ph.D. Thesis)
-A qualitative analysis of research gaps in the humanitarian logistics (published in the Journal of Applied Business and Economics, 2016)

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Op Eds, Industry Panels, International Speaker


Op-Ed in FastCompany for Federal Procurement in Global Supply Chains


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Real-World Experience

Operating on the beach-head

Northeastern University (Boston)

2020 – Current​

Tenure Track: Supply Chain Research, Supervision, Teaching

University of Chicago (U.S., London, Hong Kong)
Dartmouth University
Duke University


Graduate Teaching Assistant for MBA + Executives

Global Supply Chain (Fortune 5)

2009 – 2010

International Procurement Associate

Global Supply Chain (Fortune 5)


Lead Business Analyst

Global Supply Chain (Fortune 5)

2012 – 2013

Supply Chain Optimization


Undergraduate, MBA, Executive

Student Feedback

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John Doe

One of the absolute best professors at Northeastern; he treats students as equals and actually cares. The tests are difficult, but […] he brings in many guest speakers and discusses his real-life experience in the Supply Chain field.

Sally Smith

Legit favorite person in the world–so caring, equitable, and a genius. This man is literally a superhero. While tests can be hard, they are all open notes so you need to work hard and study the material, but not memorize anything. Changed my major to supply chain because of him!!

Samuel Stevens

This professor is by far my favorite I had at Northeastern. He’s extremely knowledgeable in Supply Chain, combines class material with personal experiences and is the most* inspirational person! You have to study a hard but it’s very rewarding at the end.

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